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Clothing Essentials for College

February 2, 2017

Coming to college in another state involved making sure that I had everything from home. I was sure to bring all of my clothes ( for the most part ) and about half of my shoes. I thought that I was going to be wearing a ton of clothes and shoes and looking cute when in all reality, I just wear the basics. So before you go start packing up all of your clothes, read this list of essentials that I recommend and then think about what you want to bring to school.


  • Solid color t-shirts in whatever style you prefer, including different sleeve lengths.    ( having a white and black shirt are most important, they can go with anything! )
  • A few dressier shirts for those days that you want to dress up or, on the other hand, need to dress up for a presentation or if your an Ed major like myself, you will need to have dressy clothes for student teaching.
  • Chambray Shirts and Flannels will save your life! Whether you throw them on with some jeans, layer it over one of your solid shirts that I already recommended, or do the whole “tie around your waist” thing that is in style now. It will automatically look like you put more into your outfit when you actually didn’t.


  • Jeans! … but not too many jeans. I made the mistake of bringing all of my jeans thinking that I was going to wear them all when I am actually only wearing like four or five pairs.
  • Sweat pants would be helpful for those days that you really just want to be comfortable and not want to put effort into how you look, although , I attend a Christian university so we are not allowed to wear sweatpants to our chapel services which are in the morning so unless you don’t have classes that day most people only wear them to the gym.
  • Dress Pants/ Khakis … at some point in college you will need to dress up, and trust me, you will not always want to put a dress on. Having a nice pair of black dress pants and a pair of khakis are great!


  • One light jacket, and one heavier coat… I have too many jackets in my college closet. If you have fashionable jackets that you wear to spruce up an outfit, which I do as well, those are fine but your everyday ( if its cold ) type of jackets you don’t need a lot. Besides, you will most likely be getting a sweatshirt with your school logo onit anyway.
  • Cardigans and Kimonos… this goes hand in hand with the chambray and flannel category because these items are great for adding some fashion to your outfit. Just throwing these on top of a plain shirt with a cute necklace and everyone thinks you spent a ton of time trying to look good.


  • 1 – 2 pairs of tennis shoes ( vans, keds, nike, etc. )
  • Depending on the weather where your school is, you may want to either bring boots or sandals. I currently have 4 pairs of boots and half the time don’t even wear them. I mainly stick to my tennis shoes because of walking to class, your feet will start to hurt.
  • Nude Heels… This goes with the dress pants and your dressier days. Heels always dress up an outfit and nude goes with everything!
  • Flats… some girls like them, other girls don’t. I have a black pair with me for the dressier days if I choose not to wear heels. they always come in handy.


  • Dresses are always good to have as a girl. You can dress them up or down will heels and vans. Bring a couple dresses for those dressy days at school or just to have that make you feel pretty.
  • Jewelry… this is a personal preference. I have a jewelry stand with a variety of jewelry on it. Also to display my Chloe and Isabel Jewelry that I sell online.
  • Scarfs… also depend on the weather. I have a fabric bin with them so they are out of the way and do not take up much room but they always make an outfit more put together.


I hope you enjoyed and I hope this helped you during your college packing journey!

♥ Ashlee Nicole

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