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What’s In My Nail Kit?

May 22, 2017

20170519_162109.jpgIn this photo:

Lotion (Bath and Body Works – Thousand Wishes )

Nail Dryer ( Equate Beauty brand from Walmart )

Nail Tools Case ( sent from friend )

Nail Polish Remover ( Target Up & Up brand)


nail kit.jpgIn this Photo:

Strengthener ( Sally Hansen from Walmart )

Cuticle Oil ( Bastille brand from TJMaxx )

Orly BB Cream “Nail Makeup” ( from Sally’s )

Nail Growth Incubator ( bought at Walmart )

Glass File ( ASP from Sally’s )

Clean Up Brush ( Makeup Brush from Walmart )

Cuticle Pusher ( came in the set that my friend sent me )

I do not use all of these products when I do a manicure but I will explain my normal manicure routine in another post so subscribe to my blog in order to know  when I post that topic! If you have any questions about any of the products, let me know.

Thank you! Have a GREAT day!

♥ Ashlee Nicole

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