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February Favorites

March 7, 2019

Hello Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe it is already March. So much is happening in the next couple of months for me and I really need time to slow down. Does anyone else feel that way?

For today, I wanted to share some of my favorite items/products that I discovered or used a lot in February. I decided to do this in different categories which are clothing, makeup, food, and health.


This month, I discovered how important black jeans were as well as a denim jacket. I had always wanted a denim jacket but never found one that I really like for was willing to spend the money on if I didn’t absolutely love it. Black jeans on the other hand, I knew about and had a pair or two before this month because, come on, they are a staple in every female’s closet. Although, I didn’t really wear them and find outfits to pair them with until now. I recently bought a ripped pair along with a solid black pair from Hollister ( this is the only company I have found that fits the way I want them too… I am kinda tiny). I also bought a denim jacket that I found at Plato’s closet. If you have a Plato’s Closet near you, I highly recommend you going and looking around. You can find incredible items there. This jacket was only $10, originally from Old Navy!


I have not really changed up my make-up routine within the last month although I did discover Maybelline’s BB Cream and I really like it so far. I have been in this phase where I am not wanting to wear foundation especially full coverage so I found this and have been trying it this month and so far so good. I have been pairing it with the lightest shade possible of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for under my eyes and it looks great and wears fantastic on my skin.


Being a girl with multiple health problems, food is not my best friend but that does leave me to trying new items to see if they work for me body. I have been eating Lara bars for a while now but didn’t really branch out in flavors. After trying a few of them, I have been loving the Coconut Chocolate Chip one lately and the Peanut Butter Banana. I highly recommend this brand of breakfast/protein bars if you are Gluten Free like me or have specific dietary needs, as long as these meet those restrictions of course. I have tried what feels like a million flavors but I honestly have only stuck to the peanut butter ones ( I swear, I am in love with peanut butter).


Along with the food category, being healthy and trying new supplements and/or health items that will keep my body in check. This month, you saw one of my most recent posts “Sunday Scaries Review”. This is something that I discovered around the beginning of the month and they have changed my life. Click the link to the post to read the whole review if you are interested. If you have anxiety or IBS, I highly recommend that you try either these specific gummies or just CBD oil in general.

That is some of my February favorites for the month. I hope you learned something and left with something you want to try. What were some of your favorites in February? I would love to know and get recommendations on new things to try!

Ashlee Nicole

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