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Easter Sunday 2019

April 23, 2019

Hello Everyone!

Easter Sunday was just two days ago and it was one of the best Easter’s I have ever celebrated. This was the first year that I celebrated Easter alone. Last summer, I moved to Alabama on my own into my first apartment. I really have grown up in this season of my life and I am super proud of myself. I have experienced an Easter Sunday away from home before whenever I was in Texas so school ( only for a semester) but this year felt different. I was worried about having to spend this day by myself but of course I had nothing to worry about because I have an amazing best friend whose family I have become a part of. I wanted to take this blog post to use it as a journal just like the day that I spent in Auburn during A-Day. I will also explain my whole outfit if you are interested.

Outfit of the Day

  • Dress: TJMaxx – $25.00
  • Shoes: TJMaxx – $30.00
  • Earrings: Target – $12.00
  • Bandeau: Rue21 – $7.00

You don’t notice the bandeau in these pictures but this dress is completely backless and so I felt more comfortable wearing it to church with the bandeau underneath. I don’t think it took away to much of the dress.


As you can see, most of these pictures have Kaila in them and that is such a great representation of our friendship. We are ALWAYS together! I am so thankful for her family for welcoming me into their home for this occasion. I had such a great time that day and felt so beautiful and confident and what better feeling is there to have. I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday, whether or not you all celebrate what Easter is all about.


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