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Making my Favorite Drink from Starbucks

June 8, 2019

Hey Everyone!

I know, long time no post but I am super excited about this one. If you have paid close attention to my Instagram, you will know that my absolute favorite drink to get at Starbucks is an Iced Green Tea Latte. I wanted to take the challenge to see if I could make it myself and for cheaper.

The materials that I used were:

  • Matcha Powder
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Almond Milk (I prefer almond milk over regular dairy milk)

I got these items from World Market. The matcha powder was around $10 which is a great price for matcha powder. I have put this off for so long because matcha is usually so expensive. The vanilla syrup was surprisingly cheap and it makes me want to get the other flavors to try and make other drinks. If this is something your interested in then let me know. It was only $8 for the entire 25 oz bottle. This is going to last FOREVER! I also found this pump for it at World Market for only $3 and it is great and makes everything so much easier.

So to begin this drink, you will need a cup/glass with ice (if you want it iced). I used a cute little mason jar that I had in my cabinet. This was a 16 oz jar if you wanted to know for reference.

This is so easy to do and it tastes so good and so similar to the Starbucks version. I pay over $5 for a venti from Starbucks and being able to do this at home is going to save me so much money.

If you try this recipe let me know and let me know how yours turned out. Thank you for reading!

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