Psalms 95

August 24, 2019

I decided to start this series on my blog called #faithfriday more or less for me to make myself accountable to dive deep into my bible at least once a week. To really take the time to dissect a chapter of the bible and really listen to what God is speaking to me through it.

For the start of this series, I had a cool idea about doing some bible studies on some of my favorite worship songs. If you are an avid Christian and you read your devotional or a bible verse and one of your favorite songs pop into your head and you have this thought ” oh, I wonder if they were thinking about this verse when they wrote this song”. I can’t be the only one that has thought that before. Some of these studies will be based on the actual verse/chapter that they really did base the song off of and then some others will be ones where I had that same thought, this week being one of them.

Today’s #faithfriday is based on the song by Phil Wickham titled “Great Things”. I was introduced to this song on a Sunday morning at church. I had never heard this song before until the worship team at my church led us in this song. I love the lyrics in this song. If you have never heard it, I highly recommend listening right now before reading this study. So like I said above, this was one of those times where I opened up my bible to do my daily study and read this entire chapter and as soon as I read verse 6, this song popped into my head. Go ahead, listen to it!

Okay, I’m trusting that you just listened to the song! The chapter that we are going to look at is Psalms 95. If you want to follow in your bible with me you can. The title of this chapter is Worship and Warning. I love the book of Psalms do to the fact that most of these chapters are written like songs, this also means that a lot of these faith Fridays will be based out of Psalms.

Psalm 95:1-5

“Come let us shout joyfully to the Lord, shout triumphantly to the rock of our salvation! Let us enter his presence with thanksgiving; let us shout triumphantly to him in song. For the Lord is a great God, a great King above all gods. The depths of the earth are in his hand, and the mountain peaks are his. The sea is his; he made it. His hands formed the dry land.”

This section of the chapter has been titled A Call to Rejoice! The is the Worship part of the “Worship and Warning” title of the whole chapter. We are to come to him, to worship him, with thanksgiving. Worship is such a vital part that we GET to do as Christians. We have a King that loves to hear from us in good times and in bad. He’s there for us through literal thick and thin. He has done so much for us and deserves much more than we can give him but worship is one way that we can show him how much we love and appreciate him, why not right?! I’m not going to lie, worship is probably my favorite part of any service. Especially at my current church. I connect with the music that they lead us through so so much. Sometimes, the worship service speaks deeper to me than the actual message which is not a bad thing. He has done so much more than we all deserve. If you haven’t really thought about it, Jesus literally hung on a cross for us, SO THAT WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO! The least he deserves is to be worshiped.

Psalms 95:6-7

“Come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep under his care.”

These two verses are titled A Call to Reverence! These are the two verses that reminded me of this song. If you listened to the song, you would have heard the first part of the first verse:

“Come let us worship our King, Come let us bow at his feet. He has done great things.”

You will see in my bible journaling that I did for this chapter that the actual drawing that I did was the phrase “He has done great things”. That is something that I make sure to remind myself. Even when terrible things happen to us, we tend to question God and ask “why?”, but we need to remember all the great things that he has actually done for us. He’s the God that has conducted miracles, healed the sick, and turned water into wine. He has done AMAZING things! We are to follow him as sheep and he is our shepherd. Worship is not something we HAVE to do, it’s something that we GET to do!

Psalms 95:8-11

“Today, if you hear his voice: Do not harden your hearts as at Meribah, as on that day of Massah in the wilderness, where your fathers tested me; they tried me, though the had seen what I did. For forty years I was disgusted with that generation; I said “They are a people whose hearts go astray; they do not know my ways.” So I swore in my anger, ” They will not enter my rest”.

This is the Warning part of the chapter. Now just to let you know, since I had to look up the meanings of these words, Meribah means “quarreling” and Massah means “testing”. These verses are suggesting that If you call him Lord or Master; then you must be willing and obedient. God calls us to rest but you must be reverent and obedient.

Just remember, “God has done great things”. No matter what happens, He is still a loving a merciful God.

Thank you so much for reading my bible study today! What are your thoughts about me starting Faith Fridays? Also, were there any other songs that popped into your head when you were reading this chapter?

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